when you wish upon a star……

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A Friend Indeed

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True Love

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night light

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Toyota Camry Se

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Jason Davis Ford ST

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Beware The Water

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Mr and Mrs Escobar :]

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I know its been a while since I posted a Image, reasons why, I am getting my life ready for a new journey into a new career path. I have been dealing with classes and a new job on the way as well, I have a lot on my plate this month and I will try to post more on to my 365 set, I know it has to be everyday a new image but its hard to balance everything out all at once but I will try to make an effort to please you guys. stay tuned for more images to come =]

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Foggy Night

Holly crap I think I freaked out my neighbors with this shot. I decided to make a home made smoke bomb and ended up being a smoke bomb/ firework there was smoke everywhere and it was loud as hell, the smoke ended up going over to my neighbors house. I had fun taking this shot and making a home made smoke bomb, I am happy I know that I can now make a smoke bomb at home but I think i rather invest in a smoke machine something quieter =]

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